The Art of Movement in Education


The Art of Movement in Education

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Martina Tak-Visser

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This education gave me a firm foundation in the workfield as a teacher and choreographer.

ELAP is a pioneering somatic dance program offering experiential practice for the integration of knowledge through improvisation. After 3 years of expending my movement knowledge in the improvisation class, this program is a great follow up. It makes me so happy. 

At L’ecole des Sables in Senegal I followed a six week certificate program to get to know Modern African dance. It gave me a new understanding and power as a dancer. 

In New York I followed this certificate program. I got to know the simonson techniek. For my own teaching it gave me a new understanding about the use of my words during a class. I practiced to come more to the point while I am teaching. A class is usually one hour. How can I guide my students through that hour without wasting time on listening to me thinking out loud. 

At the Volksuniversiteit Arnhem I followed the course WordPress to make two websites: and


The art of dance uses movement to communicate meaning about the human experience. It is far more than exercise or entertainment. Education in the art of dance develops the knowledge and skills to create, perform and understand movement as means of artistic communication.

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